Sci-Fi Candle Holder

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  • Upload date: 11/21/2015
  • Last update: 11/21/2015
A decorative holder for larger candles
I wanted to try making something ornate, so since I seem to be going through a bit of candles phase right now I decided yet another candle holder was in order. Let me know if you're getting tired of these and I'll have a crack at something else. Suggestions always welcome :) This is in the style of 60s classic Sci-Fi series, such as Star Trek, Lost In Space, Space 1999 and so on (well, as I remember them anyway). It's sized to take wide-body candles up to approximately 90mm wide but do NOT use it with tealights unless you put some sort of insulating material on the top; I found out to my cost that they get more than hot enough to melt ABS...
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