Solar Bud Lamp

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The Solar Bud Lamp is a 3D-printed decorative cordless lamp powered by sunshine.
The Solar Bud Lamp is a 3D-printed decorative cordless lamp powered by sunshine. 

Four small photovoltaic cells from off-the-shelf solar garden lights collect energy from the sun during the day and produce a soft glow through the translucent lamp buds at night. 

Each solar cell is equipped with a rechargeable battery, an LED bulb, an on/off switch, and control circuitry. 

The Solar Bud Lamp is assembled from a small number of repetitive parts and is assembled with 3D-printed connectors. 

Glue is not required for assembly and the Bud Lamp can be disassembled and reassembled as desired. 

The solar cells and the translucent bud lenses are attached with screw and thread connections to allow for replacements and future alternative designs. 

The completed bud lamp stands 300mm (11 3/4 in) high and is 300mm (11 3/4 in) in diameter. 

Energy consumption 

Approximately one hour of direct sunshine on all four solar cells will provide energy for three or four hours of light. 

Temporarily removing the top solar cell provides access to each on/off switch of the four solar cells. The Bud Lamp can be turned on and off by the switches to control energy consumption. 


The hexagon and pentagon faces of the Bud Lamp are fastened together with three-pin 3D-printed connectors. The short pin of the connector is inserted into a pentagon. The two longer pins of the connector are inserted into two hexagons. 

Exterior use 

The application of a UV protectant is recommended for exterior use. Hobie UV Protectant and Restorer by HobieCat is a recommended UV protectant. 

Solar Cells 

The solar cells in the Bud Lamp are made in China. They are Solar Powered Garden Lights by Solar Design imported into Australia by TRS Trading Group Pty Ltd, 245 Racecourse Rd, Kensington, Victoria, 3031, Australia. 

The TRS Product number is TRS 30009840. 

The diffusion lens and garden stake that come with the garden light are not used. 

Alternatively, contact studio djgeenen, Sydney, Australia. 


Studio djgeenen will supply the four solar cells for the Bud Lamp for a total of $20.00 USD plus shipping. 

(May 2015 update) Subsequent purchases of the solar garden lights used in this lamp have prove to be defective and short-lived. It is recommended that anyone wishing to assemble this lamp devise an alternate source of lighting.

Four extra lenses are included with the Bud Lamp to complete the form of the lamp if the four solar cells are not desired. 

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