Gun,, Mauser "M1898, mud. 7.92 mm, in service with the German army

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  • Upload date: 03/24/2015
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3D printable model of Gun,, Mauser "M1898, mud. 7.92 mm, in service with the German army. Gewehr 98 oil finished rifle stock features a semi-pistol grip. A top handguard was standard on all rifles and extended from the front of the rear sight base terminating just ahead of the bottom barrel band. A steel cross bolt was mounted to distribute the forces and hence the effects of recoil on the stock bedding, reducing the chance to split the stock. The stock featured a quick detachable sling swivel on the underside of the butt stock, a top swivel located underneath the bottom barrel band and a parade hook mounted on the underside of the top H-style barrel band. The prewar stocks were produced from walnut wood and were aged for an average of three years to allow the wood to stabilize. Beginning in 1917, walnut shortages necessitated the use of beech wood. The late war production beech stocks were less durable and heavier than the original walnut stocks. 3D scanned with Artec Spider  This object is a cultural heritageexhibited in the National Museum of Military History. The museum will receive a royalty from each sale of this model. 3D printing of this item must comply with the applicable legislation and must be with size different with at least 10% from the original and additional details should be added.  
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