Redneck Automatic Door Closer

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Attach this to your doors to have them close after you.
Ever wanted a door to close by itself? This may be your solution.
Non-Printed Parts:
2  208 bearings (same as used in many roller skates and skateboards)
3 Wood Screws
3 plastic inserts (if you want to install this in drywall)
Weed wacker/trimmer line
2 screws (approximately 4 mm diameter) 1/2” long
Small Hook
Rocks/Sand/Dirt –(to fill the weight with)
Assemble the 208 bearings with the Bearing Line Guide Connector and 608 Bearing Line Guides. Use the two screws to connect these to the Bearing Line Guide Bracket. Use the three screws to install this nearest the top of the door on the wall. Screw the hook into the top of the door about 3 inches away from the corner. Fill the weight with your chosen material and screw it together. Cut about six feet long length of the trimmer line. Tie one end to the top part of the weight. Run the line through the bearing line guides so that the line goes over the bearing closest to the wall and around the horizontal bearing and then through the hook. Adjust the length of the line by opening the door fully and making sure that the weight hangs down about 3-4 inches from the bracket. Tie the line to the hook and then use some pliers to squeeze the hook closed. Cut off any excess line. You can then adjust the amount of material in the weight so that the door closes but doesn’t slam. Many factors can play interference with the way the ease of the door closing (such as hinges with paint on them, rust, and lubrication).
I would suggest at least 50% infill on the bracket and 20% on all other parts.
You won’t want to use this design if you or your visitors are taller than your door as you don’t want to clothesline anyone. Warning if you have cats they may find this to be tempting as a new toy. Depending on the speed of movement of the door it may also cause some marks if the weight bangs against the wall.
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