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  • Upload date: 05/15/2024
  • Last update: 05/15/2024
Dear 3D Printing Enthusiast / Zombie Slayer, thank you for checking out my 3D printable inserts for the Zombicide 2nd edition board game! With these inserts, your game will be more organized than a horde of bloodthirsty undead, and it'll smell better too! Included with all the STL files is a PDF with diagrams to help you position the inserts inside the box. Because let's face it, the undead are not exactly known for their organizational skills, and we're certain you don't want your favorite Zombie characters to roam freely inside the box! Not only do my inserts keep all your game pieces organized, but they also keep them safe! **Most of the inserts have sliding covers that seal tightly, ensuring the safety of your game box in any position, horizontal or vertical**. Even the inserts for miniatures have been designed with the utmost care to prevent the miniatures from escaping.

Now, let's talk a bit about 3D printing. You can feel free to use classic PLA, and a resolution of 200 microns is more than enough. The project is "support-free" and doesn't require any supports, making it even easier for you to print.
In terms of colors, you can use as many as you want! If you find some vomit green PLA, it would be perfect for the miniature shelves. And, some parts are even designed to be printed in multiple colors using the M600 command to switch colors mid-print. Please note that the inserts have been designed to fit inside the original game box, and therefore require a **_3D printer with a build volume of at least 225x225mm_**. For example If you own an Ender 3, you're in luck as it already supports this format!

**Just a heads up, you'll need 22 round 5x1mm magnets to complete some of the inserts. These magnets are not included with the files : D but they can easily be purchased online at low costs**

Thanks again for considering my inserts, and remember: never let your guard down against the zombies!

Private Use Only. You can post images or impressions on other media. You CAN'T sell, distribute, share them both the digital or 3D printed version. You CAN'T use them for any sort of mass production of any kind. You CAN'T share the files with other people or on any web platform. You CAN'T make a profit of any sort using the files. No Derivatives. For commercial or other use please contact me with a PM.

_© 2023 www.am-media.biz - Please note that these Board game inserts are not an official product of Guillotine Games or CMON Limited. Zombicide is a registered trademark of Guillotine Games and CMON Limited. I am not affiliated with Guillotine Games or CMON Limited, and these Board game inserts have not been tested or approved by them._
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