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This toygun based on Glock 17 Gen 2 and to make it work you need some real part -SPRING- to make it fully operational (slide spring, mag follower spring, mag catch spring, etc)

But worry not, this torsion spring can be acquire from your daily stuff, here is the detail :

1. Slide Spring : 8mm OD 1mm wire 60mm long cylindrical shape, grab it from a cheap RC crawler shock toy. I try a cheap airsoft gun
spring slide but the torsion is to heavy and the shaft slide is broken :p

2. Extractor Plunger Spring : 2.5mm OD with 16mm long cylindrical shape , grab it from a Zippo lighter
or any cheap gas lighter that have a spring for its firestone

3. Mag Catch Spring :1.5mm OD and 28.8mm long single torsion wire, i grab it from a steam iron toggle or any
torsion spring just cut it with a wire cutter and bend a little bit about 3mm

4. For Mag follower spring you need the real part, there is no other way.... but I included the spring for
you to 3D print it, but the real spring is better...if you use real spring or DIY you have to cut/make it
at least same as the magazine height, otherwise the spring is to hard and the mag body cannot hold bullet and
keep popping off if you load it

5. Firing Pin Spring : 6mm OD 42mm long cylindrical shape, grab it from any cheap airsoft gun
magazine (you know the spring that hold BB bullets?)

6. Firing pin safety : Use a Pen spring cut it about 3mm, I prefer not to use spring it since the trigger bar
is not made from metal make it easy to break, but it if you want it then install it :D

This toy gun have the exact action as the real one :
1. Cocking slide
2. Barrel contraption
3. Firing system
4, Trigger and Firing Pin safety
5. Slide Stop
6. Bullet Ejecting (9x19 mm Parrabellum)
7. etc

The real challenge is the ejector part, it has to be rigid yet very thin, so after I print the ejector I cover it
with a sheet metal can and glue them together and it works :)

And the 2nd challenge is that you need to sand and polish almost everything especially inner part...But the important part is the Barrel (especially bullet chamber), Inner slide (that meet the barrel part), Railing Body that connecting to the slide, Extractor Plunger, Firing pin, Firing Pin sleeve, Bullet and Mag Follower and the Mag body itself need to be very well polished to have a smooth operation of the model gun :)

I use 9x19 dummy bullet because the material is already slick, and I'm very lazy to polish each bullet..
If you 3D Print it you have to make sure it is really polish and not stuck to either in magazine or the chamber...

Overall its a fun and challenging to build this, have fun :D
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