Cube Chess Board - Printable 3d model - STL files - Type 2

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3D Model Details

  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 50.86 MB
  • Upload date: 02/08/2024
  • Last update: 02/08/2024
Hi! We glad introduce you 3d model - STL files - to print your own Cube - Chess Board (Type 2).

Model include:

- 35 stl (board + frames) + 32 stl (chess and checkers of 2 types) (biggest part 128x128x11mm).
- Digital Instruction for assembling.
- List of components you will needs for assembling.

This set allows you to play chess and checkers, and it is also possible to play tic-tac-toe using checkers pieces.

The assembled chessboard represents a cube, inside of which there are chess and checkers, as well as a frame.
The cube consists of 6 modules held by magnets, from which you can assemble a small board consisting of 4 modules and 2 modules remain for the eliminated figures, or you can assemble a large board of 6 modules, and fields for the eliminated figures appear.
For each option there are two types of frames with and without symbols.
Each square of the board and each figure has a place for a magnet.


134x134x134mm (5.3x5.3x5.3")

Small Board - 4 Module
280x280x15mm (11x11x0.57")

Big Board - 6 Module
409x409x15mm (16.1x16.1x0.57")


Pawn Round - D22x33mm (D0.88x1.28")
King Round - D22x53mm (D0.88x2")

List of components needs for assembling:

- magnets D6x3mm

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