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Tool for placing neoprene ropes in concrete structural joints.

When pouring large-format concrete slabs, it is often necessary to cut them into smaller pieces in order to relieve the stress during the drying of the concrete and guide the direction of splitting.

The depth of cut is usually between 4 and 15 cm depending on the thickness of the slab.

After cutting the joints, they must be sealed. To prevent the seal from slipping, neoprene ropes are placed on which the seal rests.

The depth at which the tool places the ropes is ~15mm.

dimensions : 150mm X 30mm X 30 mm.
wheels : the axis is 5mm and no bigger than 2.5sm in diameter
pushing wheel : thickness 3, 4 mm diameter : 60mm,75mm
parts needed: 3 screws and 2 wheels

The tool can be used as hand held or whit painting extension rod from standing position. The wheels in model are just illustrative.

For my personal tool :

i use wheels for 3d printer

Printed on Anycubic Kobra

line : 0.3mm

speed : default settings on anycubic slicer for Anycubic Kobra

infil : my tool is printed in PLA and i have 10 % infil

material : what you decide

Arhive list has STL and 3MF files

description - file name

axis 8mm - os-8mm
wheel D60mm f8mm thickness : 3mm - kolelo-6sm-8mm-3mm
wheel D75mm f8mm thickness : 3mm - kolelo-d7.5sm-8mm-3mm
wheel D60mm f8mm thickness : 4mm - kolelo-d6sm-f8mm-4mm
top part - 1V2-1-top
bottom - 1V2-1-bottom
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