Pillowcase Bag Frame

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  • Upload date: 11/08/2014
  • Last update: 11/08/2014
This is an accessory to my pillowcase grocery/shopping bag in order to insert a frame to make it easier to fill at the check stand.
One of the issues I saw with my pillowcase bag was that it would be rather limp and a bit hard to fill at the check stand. I created this to solve that issue and hopefully help out the courtesy clerks a bit. The frame can fold slightly to allow easier placement into the bag and to take up a little less room when empty. You could use some kind of ties that can be undone at the top so that it can be removed when you want to clean the pillowcase. I bought four 3/16 inch dowels which I cut up to fit my pillowcase creating four 19 inch, four 11 3/8 inch, and eight 2 1/4 inch long pieces. I know there are at least two different size pillowcases so you may need to adjust to fit your needs. You will need eight of the corner forks, four of the regular forks, and twelve of the ball ends. I suggest at least fifty percent infill to give them strength. When assembling the joints it is best to push the ball directly into the fork in a straight manner as trying to push the ball in sideways may sheer off the ball along the print grain. You may find that a little glue to help hold the dowels in place may help, especially if they’re not exactly 3/16 inch.
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