Pillowcase Shopping Bag

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Add handles to a pillowcase to create a shopping/grocery bag.
Pillowcase Grocery Bag

With California’s new law banning plastic grocery bags and charging for paper ones this device will come in handy. One of the issues that have been brought up is how reusable bags will most likely not be as sanitary. Thus, the need to have bags that can easily be washed. (I don’t know about you, but I also didn’t like taking one company’s branded bag into another store.) Print the grommet parts at 100% infill and the handles at least 50% infill (the higher the stronger). Find a Pillowcase that you like with the understanding that the stronger the materials the more weight can be stored. Use the flat grommet parts and one handle to position near the middle of the open end. Use a pen to mark out the position of the holes to be cut in the fabric and repeat on the other side of the Pillowcase. Carefully cut the holes so they match the markings. Put the grommet parts with the grip through from the inside. Use some kind of glue that is not water soluble to both keep the holes from fraying and help keep the grommets together. Push the flat pieces of the grommets onto the grips and repeat for the other side. Set aside to allow the glue to dry. Once dry you can put the handles through the holes and your bag is finished. I would suggest only washing in cold water and hang drying. I believe that the dryer temps would melt or deform these 3D printed plastics.
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