Ahsoka Tano Chibi 3D Printed Figure

ID: 16851

3D Model Details

  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 89.5 MB
  • Upload date: 05/09/2023
  • Last update: 05/09/2023
Ahsoka Tano Chibi is a 3D printed product inspired by the character Ahsoka Tano in the famous animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Designed in a small and cute "chibi" style, this model is approximately 9cm tall and is printed using high-quality 3D printing technology with exquisite details.

With large round eyes, a beautiful face, and an adorable appearance, Ahsoka Tano Chibi is a wonderful gift for fans of the Star Wars series. Made with premium PLA plastic material, this product is also highly durable and easy to maintain.
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