Tanja LED Light

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  • Upload date: 03/14/2023
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The Tanja lamp is a great gift idea and depending on the LED strip, it allows you to create a unique and modern way of lighting.

With this Tanja 3D model to download, you can print the perfectly customized lamp body yourself and then customize the lamp to your own vision. My Tanja lamp thereby offers two different models for printing, once with hole for connection cable on the right or behind, both models are included.

So you only have to lay a USB LED Strip, which are often available in the net or discounter in min30 - max 50 cm length, these are perfect for this. Thanks to LED technology, you can count on a bright and efficient Tanja light that will give you or your loved Tanja a modern and stylish ambience.

Let's go, bring light into your home and print the lamp today - so simple and so personalized!

Best regards and print this light for someone special <3

Please do not sell this model, it´s not allowed for commercial use or reproduction. You only buy the personal right to use and print.
If you need a finished version of the light, please contact me.
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