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Cross, heart and anchor symbolically represent faith, love and hope. The combination of these symbols is also called "sailor's grave" and for centuries the cross, heart and anchor have accompanied sailors and captains to all corners of the world.

We have made an LED lamp out of it. To remember, to give away, to protect: You are not alone.

All you need is a 3D printer, like the Ender 3 Pro or a similar device to print the "Heart Cross Anchor Love Faith Hope LED Light" and if you like, two colors of filament. You print the two housing parts in black and the cover plate in white to make it easier for the light to shine through.

Inside you lay a LED strip, in the pictures I show how I did it. Through the hole on the back, you can lead out the USB cable. You can print it at any scale, but check, you scale all parts the same way. After clicking it together, I recommend adding two drops of glue on the back, to make it more stable.

The Story behind? I made this light as a present for a friend, a sailor, who is today 86 years old. He loves this symbol and already have a bracelet - so this light will be switched on in the evening today, so he won't feel so alone.

Best regards and print this light for someone special <3

Please do not sell this model, it´s not allowed for commercial use or reproduction. You only buy the personal right to use and print.
If you need a finished version of the light, please contact me.
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