Boneflesh Necromancer Miniature for D&D RPG

ID: 16027

3D Model Details

  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 12.92 MB
  • Upload date: 03/10/2023
  • Last update: 03/10/2023
The Boneflesh Necromancer Sexy Mage Resin Mini for Dungeons and Dragons is an exquisite 3D printed model that exudes danger and sex appeal at the same time The figure is designed to stand out and catch the attention of any RPG enthusiast The model comes in two pieces - the body and the base, which requires attachment upon arrival Please note that the images shown are stock renderings and the final model may differ slightly
All of the resin prints are custom made to order and are unpainted, providing a blank canvas for customization
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