DAF XF 105 410 truck tractor

ID: 15356

3D Model Details

  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 10.34 MB
  • Upload date: 02/09/2023
  • Last update: 02/09/2023
This model consists of as many parts as it's necessary to build up an excellent miniature. It's designed about an older type of DAF tractor. The printed object is rolling and the stop wedges are functionable. I used steel axles, so you won't find any stl and I don't recommend to print it. For the 100% model, you can use D= 2,2 - 2,3 mm steel rod, L= 57 and 71 mm. I marked the colour and material I used in the filenames. Please note: the one piece files are not for print, only for preview. You can find all SW and stl files in the archives. There are more ways to split the cabin: the seats and the front grill can be made separately. I made it in one piece: I had a hard time with the supports but less work with the glueing. The plateau I printed with texture: I applied a steelplate pattern from ideaMaker library- I uploaded a jpg what you may can use. Important that you can do this only on a standing part, not a flat layed one (with a wide brim or raft it works). The uploaded photos show a 150% miniature; I made it 2 times, the first was a 100% model, but this one looks better. The cabin you should print with a dual extruder printer to achive the real look. The black and white parts of the cabin are marked in the filenames. It can be split more ways, you find the stl files for any versions: the seats and the front grill you can print separately. I made it merged: I had a hard time with the supports but less work with glueing. Please keep the order at glueing: first glue the steering wheel, then the top part. After that come the small accessories (lamps, door handle etc), then windshield, windshield wipers and sun protections - here you can decide if you insert side windshield or not (at FDM printing you won't see the inside parts through it)-, then upper chrome pipe. The black mirror comes next, not easy but you can make it. The driving mirrors are menat to flipped in. If it's too hard, scale the mirror a bit down and print again. The last item is the back plate. I recommend to glue the plateau after the cabin is fixed. The exhaust pipe you can fix to the mud buffle and the undercarriage. The stripes works as a regular cable tie- or you can use a real one :) Have fun! Let me know if you need other file formats.
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