Van Halen EVH-Tribute Scratchplate for Fender Stratocaster

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  • Upload date: 01/18/2023
  • Last update: 01/18/2023
This scratchplate for the Fender Stratocaster is made as a tribute to the late, great Edward Van Halen. It features Eddie's famous black, white and red striped finish and is routed for a single bridge humbucker. The cover for the humbucker is optional depending on your preferences; the top veneer is included in with the top veneer for the plate, the sides are included as a seperate file.

The plate is made in three layers (the files are labelled 'Base', 'Mid' and 'Top to show which goes where). I recommend assembling the base first then building up the other layers, using epoxy or some other kind of spreadable glue to maximise the strength and also to make sure the plate is as solid as possible. This will help with better sound-conduction and it'll also hopefully help it to survive the rigours of gigging a bit better!

More Strat scratchplates coming soon, along with scratchplates and control plates for the Fender Telecaster.

If you don't have a 3D printer but you'd really like one of these please send me a DM and we can arrange for me to produce one for you, or check out my Numonday store:
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