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  • Upload date: 01/17/2023
  • Last update: 01/17/2023
We all think of feeding the birds, but what about the bees? Let's be honest, bees are much more important to us humans than birds are; bees pollinate our food crops and without these efficient, hard-working little pollinators it's been estimated that the human race would die out within a very short timespan. So I decided to do my bit for our little stripy friends through the medium of 3D printing.

(And yes, I know bees still sting but they're much less likely to sting you than wasps. Wasps are just assholes).

My end result was The BeeBar, a small tray with little raised islands which you can fill with water or sugar-water and leave out for the bees to slake their thirst and get their energy back ('Eww, sugar water means I'll have to clean it all the time!'. Yes, but the bees need that sugar and they work so hard for you. Don't you want to give them that little bit extra? You monster). It's printed in tough, weather-proof ABS and you can order it with or without the hanger cradle; You can leave it on a flat surface somewhere, or you can put it in the cradle and hang it somewhere easy for the bees to find it. (Needless to say, if you're printing it yourself you'll need to find the string to hang it with. Three lengths 300mm long, threaded through the hanger ring, should do it).

The BeeBar measures 105mm x 105mm x 10mm. Go on, do it for the bees... :) If you don't have a 3D printer but you'd really like one of these please send me a DM and we can arrange for me to produce one for you, or check out my Numonday store:
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