Carbonyte Lockable Mini Safe

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  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 14.36 MB
  • Upload date: 01/11/2023
  • Last update: 01/11/2023
I recently, with the advent of the GiftBot 5000 (see elsewhere in my store) learned how to make a fully 3D printed lock, and that got me thinking; should my next jewellery/gift box be a lockable one? The answer to that would seem to be pretty obvious, and when I tried to think of a theme for it there was only one which really sprang to mind; a safe. So a safe it was!

This is the first of what I hope will be a few other lockable boxes, the others to follow in due course. The safe is securely lockable with a fully 3D printed key (I'd recomend printing a spare, just to be safe) and since it's made of ABS plastic it's actually pretty strong. Let's be realistic; it's not a box to keep your multi-million dollar bling in, but it'll be perfect for your bedroom table to keep all your little treasures in away from prying eyes. I'm thinking of making some optional shelves to go in it, but if I do I'll make them as a separate listing so you can order them if you want them and ignore them if you don't. Also if you'd like it printed in a different colour than dark green please go ahead, I'd be interested to see the results. You'll need three lengths of 1.75mm filament to form the pins for the hinges and also to go through the centre of the key to make it a little stronger.

A word on the name; Carbondale used to make safes back in the early 20th century (which, being honest, I only knew because I watched Antman) so when I was looking for a name for the safe then it was the first which sprang to mind. Obviously I'd have to change it slightly, and since Samsonite make cases this seemed logical. Any reference to a certain galaxy far far away is entirely coincidental.....

So do you have stuff you want to keep safe? Carbonyte Safes are the ones for you! If you don't have a 3D printer but you'd really like one of these please send me a DM and we can arrange for me to produce one for you, or check out my Numonday store:
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