Ghost trap from the movie Ghostbusters 1984

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A piece of ghostbusting equipment almost as important as the proton pack in the Ghostbusters universe, the ghost trap was used for detaining and transporting "busted" ghosts until they could be safely stuffed into the Ecto Containment Unit. Believed by some to entrap the ghost with a laser containment field, precisely how the trap works was never fully explained in the films.

The trap consists of a spirit canister and a trap trey. The yellow-striped canister doors slam shut and seal the spirit inside.

Also on the trap we can see power adjustment knob, electro-magnet heatsink, battery pack, valence indicator, activation switch, polarization adjustment knob, canister doors, activation light.

The model was created from photographs of the props used in the film. All parts have been worked out in detail for assembly with screws with the ability to open doors and remove the canister.

The dimensions of the trap correspond to the original dimensions of the trap from the Ghostbusters movie.
Tips for using screws for assembly:

-Screw #6x1/8" socket head screws into wings.
-Screw bargraph plate to top unit whit #4x3/16" socket head screws.
-Attach knobs with #4x3/8" socket head screws.
-Screw plate to trap with #4x3/16" button head or #4x 3/16" socket head screws.
-Use #6x1/2" socket head screws to attach rear of doors to supports.
Do not tighten fully so that the doors can still move.
-Screw wheels to axles using black #10x3/4" flat head wood screws
-Screw axle assemblies to bottom frame with #6x5/16" socket head screws.
-Screw rear box to trap frame using #4x3/8" socket head screws through top tabs and bottom holes.
- Screw #4x3/16" button head screws into rear cover plate- simply go through the plate,don't try to screw it to anything.
-The base of LED cover can be painted silver. Glue it and the toggle switch to rear plate.
-Traps used 4 regular socket head screws. Make sure a #6 screw will pass through the 4 outer holes of the side plate freely.
-Place the large plate on side panel and screw on vector plate with #4x3/8" socket head screws.
-Screw on resistor with #4x5/8" socket head screws.
- Instal the small plate next and screw in right side of small plate with #4x3/8" socket head screws,make sure the left side holes line up with large plate.
- Instal knurled knob with knobs side post. It can be glued in place or a #4x1/8" set screw can be used.
-Place the large plate on side panel and attach side red rods with #4x5/8" socket head screws
-Place smal aliminium plate on large and screw left side in with #4x 3/8" socket head screws.
-Instal knurled knob with knob side post. It can be glued in place or a #4x1/8" set screw can be used.
-Glue end caps on handle.
-Screw handle to frame with #8x1.25" socket head screw.
-Screw handle part2 to trap frame using #4x3/8" socket head screws.
The above describes the screws that were used in the original props, I think.
The model is easy to print. The details of the model are designed so that they can be printed on printers with a small print area.

Also, I took into account the possibility of printing individual parts with colored plastics, in colors that match the colors of the original parts.

Attached is a diagram of the assembled view. On it you can easily assemble it.

It will take its rightful place in your collection or complement your cosplay look.

Model dimensions:
- length – 352 mm
- height – 166 mm
- width – 148 mm

The model consists of:
Ghost trap divided into 47 parts for printing;

Separately, taking into account printing on printers with a small print area. But you can split it yourself as you need. The model file is attached in one piece.


Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 10.
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