Vintage Telephone Box Gift Box/Jewellery Box

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  • Upload date: 12/04/2022
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I originally designed this cute little box as the lamp unit for a Telephone Box Wave Lamp (wave your hand over the sensor and it lights up), but I never could get the thing to work, and keep working, to my satisfaction. Next year I intend to put some serious effort into electronics-related projects, but for now I wanted to get this out into the world. I therefore re-designed it very slightly, turning it into a nice gift and jewellery box!

This is in honour of the classic British Telephone Box, which used to be found all over the place before the days of the mobile phone (ask your parents, young people). Many a broken-down driver have finally got out of the chucking rain and managed to call the AA in one of these large red life-savers, but I don't recall a journalist going into one and changing into a superhero. You can still find them out there somewhere, now living new lives as post-boxes, defibrillator stations, small greenhouses, tourist-information boxes and so forth (my mum has one in her garden as a little greenhouse) and thanks to Victorian-era design and production methods they're still very much functional. They're huge lumps of pig-iron, cast into concrete bases; they're not going ANYWHERE in a hurry...

So now you can put something into your phonebox which won't make it smell of wee!

Dimensions: 60mm wide x 60mm long x 168mm tall (base to top of lid).

Please note: THIS IS NOT A REAL PHONEBOX. I know, I know; you can see that unless you're Ant Man you're not going to be fitting inside this box. But I had a customer on Etsy who ordered my Vintage Postbox Gift Tube and subsequently complained that it wasn't a real postbox. Even though I'd put the measurements on the listing and even listed it as a 'Gift Tube'. Sometimes I despair for the future of humanity....
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