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Legendary dragon design, The Blackie Dragon statue, STL 3D model design print download files
Hi, Welcome to my STL world.

This is not a finished product, it is a DIGITAL GOODS for 3D printing for the 3D machines.
European Dragons
In Russian fairy tales or of some peoples in Europe , the dragon is often depicted as a scaly reptile with a long neck and tail, four legs and wings, often with a head that breathes fire and can fly. These heads are capable of growing on their own if the old head is cut off. Some dragons have only one head and have a short, crooked snout like an eagle's beak. Also according to Western tales: dragons are often tasked with guarding treasures, castles or beauties, but often appear to be "brave and unscrupulous" species because they often succumb and perish at the hands of a hero.

Unlike Eastern dragons, which are considered auspicious mascots, Western dragons are considered monsters, symbolizing strength but leaning towards cruel and ferocious meanings. It has the form of a two-legged carnivorous dinosaur; It can also sometimes crawl on four legs with two rather large hands that can be grasped, has two pointed horns, large and wide wings capable of lifting its weight in the air, has dorsal scales that extend to its tail and has It can spit fire or water or other elements… Its skin is hard and supple, no weapon can damage it, but it has weaknesses in its eyes and tongue, often lives in remote places, humans rarely come.
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