7/14 day pendulum clock with pointer disc

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  • Upload date: 06/05/2022
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7/14 day pendulum clock with pointer disc


Simple and functional, but reliably running pendulum clock with pointer disc and short pendulum.
The watch is very well suited for those who don't mind 1-2 minutes of absetic
errors on the pointer disc.
I was able to set my pendulum clock so that after 14 days of running time there
was only a 2-3 minute deviation from normal time.
The time can be set by simply turning the pointer disc.
With the printer settings mentioned below, a minimum print speed of 25 mm/s and a maximum of 35 mm/s and a fill density of 20% (cube), the total print time for me was 58 hours with a material consumption of 690 grams.
The "Zahnrad_4mm" file must be printed twice.
In the video, these are the red and green gears after the pendulum wheel.
The blue gear is the "Zahnrad_5mm" file.
The pendulum rod consists of 3 parts that are put together (hooked).
The swing time of the pendulum can be adjusted with the nut on
the pendulum (up - faster, down - slower).
The assembly of the clock is shown in the video.


print details:

I printed this clock with PETG. The wall thickness should be set to 1.2 mm, the layer
height for the gears to 0.2 mm.
The first layer should be reduced to -0.2 to avoid elephant feet.
These specifications are for a 0,4 mm diameter nozzle and line width 0.4mm.
I also printed the larger parts with a layer height of 0,3mm. Printing with PLA is also possible.
The print bed should already be 220x220x220 mm in size to be able to print the frame and weight.
Support material is required only for the "Zwischenstück.stl" file.
Printing was done on an Ender 3.

additional material:

1 x round D-3mm. L- 100mm
1 x round D-3mm. L- 55mm

optional for 14 days term:
1 x round D-3mm L- 25mm

4 x universal screw D-4mm, L-35mm
1 x universal screw D-3mm, L-20mm

optional for 14 days term:
1 x universal screw D-3mm, L-20mm

optional for pendulum weight to screw:
6 x universal screw D-2mm, L-15mm

18 x Washers
M3 small (outer diameter approx. 7mm, thickness approx. 0.6mm)

15 x ball bearings:
- Outside diameter 10mm
- Shaft diameter 3mm
- Width 4mm


The ball bearing covers must be removed. Ball bearings must be completely degreased and run
very easily when dry.
The ball bearings, which run the easiest and longest when pushed by hand, should go into the
pendulum wheel and pendulum.
Then continue to the front, i.e. towards the pointer disc, always take the better ball bearings,
so that the ball bearing that turns the worst is installed in the "Zwischenstück" of the pointer disc.
2 ball bearings are required for all gear wheels and the pendulum.
Only the "Zwischenstück.stl" has only one ball bearing.
The location of the ball bearings can be seen.

BBS balls:

1750 g for small weight - 7 days running time - 1 bottle of BBS balls

3500 g for heavy weight - 14 days running time. 2 bottles of BBS bullet

The 7 and 14 days refer to a drop height of the weight of 1.35 m.

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