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Tea, Teapot, China, Kitchen, Cooking
By: jcawarner
Views: 1659
Keshcarrigan Bowl, Bowl, Antique, Art, Irish, Ireland, Iron Age
By: jcawarner
Views: 1526
capo colonna, hera lacinia, tempio, calabria, crotone
By: Freddye
Views: 2749
By: i v o
Views: 2856
By: i v o
Views: 2313
the Madonna and Jesus
By: i v o
Views: 2356
panagyurishte treasure
By: i v o
Views: 2370
Thracian horseman
By: i v o
Views: 2666
By: i v o
Views: 2644
mask, african, africa, folklore, profile, printing, 3d, model, art, decor, decoration, wall
By: 3dprintlines
Views: 2263
Roman- empire-
By: Lufo
Views: 2921
house, human,people, house, characters, miniatures, figurines, statue, sculpture, asian, religion, temple, worship, bodhisattva, shakyamuni, buddha, gautama
By: Michelangelo
Views: 3516
3d, print, house, human, people, house, characters, miniatures, figurines, statue, sculpture, asian, religion, temple, worship, god, Avalokitesvara
By: Michelangelo
Views: 3266
By: zbrushingmx
Views: 4232
triskel, triskeliom, triskele
By: Imprenta3D
Views: 6590
Clay Nayarit Standing Female Figure
By: panomedia
Views: 7526
Phaistos Disc
By: panomedia
Views: 7488
 Clay Ancient Olympia Vase from 6th. Century BC
By: panomedia
Views: 7710
Statue of Aphodite
By: panomedia
Views: 7966
interior, exterior,  historic,  architecture,  asian,  chinese, indian,  buddhist,  religion,  bodhisattva,  shakyamuni,  temple,  buddha,  decor,  statue,  gautama,  sculpture,  worship,  miniatures
By: Michelangelo
Views: 7149
Greece, Archaeology, Art
By: panomedia
Views: 7220
china, xian, soldier
By: BrestScan3D
Views: 7221
xian, china, soldier
By: BrestScan3D
Views: 7106
Statue,Lokeshvara,Budha,sculpture,Hindu,Bayon-style,Khmer temples
By: heno
Views: 11206
goddess, fairy, angel, fay, queen,Greek,sculpture
By: heno
Views: 11022
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