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Cart: 0 Adds Ancient Greek Relics Collection of 3D Printing Models


3D printing marketplace uses Artec’s professional-grade scanners to digitally capture history in high resolution and vibrant color
Sofia, Bulgaria and Palo Alto, Calif. January 14,, a fast-growing startup for 3D printing models, today announces its latest historical preservation project for the 3D digitization of unique Ancient Greek artifacts. The collection is being made available in a 3D printing-friendly format on its online platform.
The project was conducted in collaboration with Artec 3D, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, and Mr. Krasimir Todorov, famous artist and inventor of ZN ART, who supported Threeding's team throughout the restoration process.
The collection includes hundreds of artifacts from different periods of Ancient Greek history. Threeding's community will now be able to download and 3D print  sculptures, figurines, busts and many others. This will give anyone the chance to touch and feel pieces of history and even create a small home museum.
Most of the original artifacts are part of a private collection, the owner of which asked to remain undisclosed. Threeding's team used Artec’s high-resolution Spider and Eva scanners, in addition to its Artec Studio software, to 3D scan the relics and create 3D digital models for printing. The rest of the models were recreated by Threeding's team with the help of prominent artist and inventor Krasi Todorov. 
Upon request, the collection will be made available as a 3D object made of sheet material through ZN ART, an original technology based on invention and computer hardware. The first models are currently available at and include the Head of Hygeia, Venus of Milos, Head of Zeus and more.
"Creating this collection of 3D printing models of Anceint Greek artifacts is a milestone for us,” commented Cveta-Maria Partaleva, co-founder of “Although we already had fantastic ancient artifacts in 3D printing format from our other museum projects, these relics have tremendous meaning for human history and will make Threeding a desirable partner of all museums and collectors who are looking to present their artefacts in 3D printing friendly manner.”
“We’re honored to once again be the 3D scanning partner of choice for Threeding’s restoration projects,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “The capture of ancient relics is delicate work, requiring tools that can operate quickly, efficiently and precisely. Using our lightweight handheld 3D scanners and advanced software platform, Threeding has been able to add even more value to its impressive historical collection.”
“Soon will be opened a ZN ART portal, which will enable obtaining Z ZN ART space models (puzzles)”, shares Krasi Todorov, author of  ZN ART - Museum from Paper. “This is a new option for systematic space training and modeling, in which each one of us is an author. Unlike the ready 3D printed model, ZN ART has a constructive system with content that allows harmonious creation by the author - client of space objects made of sheet material with high quality.”
This endeavor follows the successful cooperation between Threeding and several European museums, which allowed Threeding to become the largest repository for 3D printable historical artifacts. After the successful completion of this project, there will be more than 1000 museum objects available for sale in a 3D printing-friendly format.
Threeding is a 3D printing marketplace and community for 3D printing models. The start-up was founded in 2013 by a group of students from the Bulgarian National Academy of Art, led by Tzveta-Maria Partaleva and Stan Partalev. Threeding is the only 3D printing marketplace that offers 3D printable models of historical artefacts. For more information, visit
About Artec 3D
Artec 3D is an international group, headquartered in Luxembourg, with subsidiaries in the USA (Palo Alto) and Russia (Moscow). Artec develops and produces innovative 3D solutions and products, including the leading handheld 3D scanners providing fast and precise 3D data capture for professional use. Artec’s products and services are used in many industries, such as engineering, healthcare, security technology, media and design, entertainment, fashion, historic preservation, and many more.For more information about Artec 3D, please visit
About Krasi Todorov
Krasi Todorov is the author and designer of ZN ART - Museum from Paper, Regional history museum - Vratza, the first of its kind museum in the world that reveals the next level of human development and acquirement of civilization knowledge - the one when the content and awareness will be leading in the educational process and when it will be possible to exchange information or communicate culture in a more liberating creativity way.
For more information about Krasi Todorov, please visit
 a leg of achilles,, artec 3D, Greek Relics, 3D Printing Models, history, ancient greek bust,, artec 3D, Greek Relics, 3D Printing Models, history,
                         The Leg of Achilles                                                             Ancient Greek Bust

Satyr Bust,, artec 3D, Greek Relics, 3D Printing Models, history,  bust of hygeia,, artec 3D, Greek Relics, 3D Printing Models, history,

                           Satyr Bust                                                                        Bust of Hygeia

horse,, artec 3D, Greek Relics, 3D Printing Models, history,


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