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Various Headphone Spools
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A collection of small earbud spools. Some with a box area to protect the buds from crush damage with an optional keychain connector.

HeadphoneSpool_vXX - a small spool that attaches to your headphone cable

BudBox_calibration.stl - If the BudBox you want to print ends in _c0 to _c9, then print this STL first and see which hole your headphone jack fits. There are ten holes, from small to big, from 0 to 9. If your jack fits in the fourth hole, then you can use the STL's that end in _c3.

BudBox_lid.stl - a lid that will fit the various BudBox STL's

BudBox_v1, BudBox_v3, BudBox_v3s, BudBox_v3l, BudBox_v4 - Various box designs. Some with holes for your jack, some without. Some with more gaps for your earbuds than others.

BudBox_lid_loop.stl - a lid that will fit the various BudBox STL's that has a loop, so you can attach a chain.

ChainLinkSmall.stl - print as many of these as you want. Connect them together to make your chain.

ChainLinkBig.stl - print one of these to attach the ChainLinkSmall.stl to KeyCarabiner_6mm.stl

KeyCarabiner_6mm.stl - A carabiner to attach to your belt loop in your trouser/pants.

File format: stl
Texture: No
File size: 5.81 MB
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