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Müdi Octahedrons (HAROM FARKAS)
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In order to construct these octahedron's you're going to need the following items:

Twelve, twenty-four, or as many pyramids as you want to print out (two pyramids make one octahedron).

Neodymium magnets (size 6x3mm), you're going to need 8 per octahedron that means 96 for 12 octahedrons, which is the number you're going to need to make the start. Try to get the strongest magnets you can find, I use N52 strength magnets.

Superglue (really, any generic brand will do).

Silicone glue and gun (again, any generic brand will do).

Video Tutorial:

1. Print out pyramids
2. Add superglue to the cavities
3. Add magnets (make sure to add the magnets alternating their polarities with every side. Also make sure to add another magnet on the other side of the pyramid walls, to keep the inner magnet in place)
4. Wait for superglue to dry (this is important)
5. Fill pyramids with silicone glue, don't add too much glue or your octahedrons won't be able to close due to too much glue!
6. Wait for silicone to dry (again, this is important)
7. Place the pyramids in compatible pairs (making sure their corners are compatible and their magnets too)
8. Add a little hot silicone to one of the pyramids
8. Quickly place its pair on top and squeeze them together, forming an octahedron.
9. Wait for the octahedron to cool. Once it's cool, it's stable and you can run around with it and get into trouble.
10. Enjoy!

These make for fantastic gifts and I guarantee no one will have seen anything like it. They can be played with freely, but because their angles have been designed to mimic goemetric shapes in nature, certain combinations (such as the ball made of 6 pieces or the star made of 12 pieces) seem to "click" or settle together in a very stable manner.

I've made dozens of these tiny little triangular building blocks and have been greeted with very positive reactions from just about everyone.

This model has grown very close to my heart, I designed it to calm people's minds, especially when they're anxious. I've patented and registered the design, but we all know how the world works, so I'll just ask you out of kindness to please print as many as you want, but if you want to commercialize it just contact me. I'm sure we can come up with an agreement to the benefit of all :)

Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated!

Layer height: 0.10-0.015mm
Speed: low to average
Infill: 10%
Supports: N/A
It prints out perfectly when the platform base is against one of the sides of the pyramid. However, with a little tinkering, i was able to print them with the platform against the tip the of the pyramid (pyramid's hole facing up), but it takes way longer to print and I cannot guarantee the printer properties needed to pull it off. Basically you're gonna want to print it as slowly as possible if you want to experiment with that position.

File format: stl
Texture: No
File size: 82.6 KB
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