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Blaster rifle A-180 from Star Wars
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This model of the Blaster rifle is based on the Blaster pistol A-180 from the movie Rogue One A Star Wars Story 2016.
Model dimensions:
- length - 940.5 mm
- height - 182.5 mm
- width - 57.5 mm
- length of the longest part - 170 mm
The model consists of parts: Flashlight front part, Flashlight lens, Flashlight middle part, Flashlight rear part, Front part Barrel part 1-5, Front part Body part 1-6, Front part Bottom part 1-3, Front part grip, Front part Left side bar, Front part Left side hub, Front part Right side bar, Front part right side plate, Front part Side insert plate 1-2, Pistol barrel part 1-3, Pistol Body part 1-5, Pistol Handle bottom insert, Pistol Handle side screw cap 1,2, Pistol Left grip, Pistol left insert, Pistol left side bar, Pistol Left side disk, Pistol Right grip, Pistol right insert, Pistol right side bar, Pistol Right side disk, Pistol Side button, Pistol side pin, Pistol Side trigger, Pistol side washer, Pistol Top pin 1-4, Pistol Trigger, Rear part Body, Rear part Bottom insert, Rear part Bottom plate, Rear part Handle, Rear part Hub 1,2, Rear part Left plate, Rear part Right plate, Rear part Rod 1,2, Rear part Side insert plate 1,2, Rear part Side trigger, Rear part Spacer 1,2, Rear part Top insert, Rear part Washer 1,2, Scope clamp 1,2, Scope clamp spacer, Scope front lens, Scope inner part 1,2, Scope part 1-7, Scope rail, Scope rear lens, Screw cap insert 1-31.
During assembling use guiding metal rods with d=3 mm.
Details “Pistol Top pin” should be from metal rods with diameter 2 mm and length 6 mm.
Details “Pistol Right side disk” and “Pistol Left side disk” should be mounted with metal pins with diameter 2 mm and length 6 mm.
File format: stl
Texture: No
File size: 51.09 MB
3D Printability Check
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Rating: 5.00 / 5.00
Votes: 2
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