Family Guy (Griffin) Model Printing Miniature Assembly File STL-OBJ for 3D Printing FDM-FFF DLP-SLA-SLS

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  • Texture: No
  • Multipart model: No
  • File format: zip
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  • Upload date: 12/07/2019
  • Last update: 12/07/2019


follow me FACEBOOK: ISTAGRAM: cody3d1 TWITTER: ARTSTATION: YOUTUBE: Family Guy (Griffin) File STL -OBJ ottimizzato per la stampa FDM-FFF DLP-SLA-SLS Figura di assemblaggio in totale Family Guy è composto da 2.584 milioni di punti tutti i file sono stati decimati dai poligoni, ma senza perdere i dettagli, questo rende i file leggeri adatti a ogni computer   dimensioni circa FDM-FFF Z 10 Cm X 22 Cm Y 19 Cm Z 3,9 pollici X 8,6 pollici Y 7,4 pollici   dimensioni approssimative DLP-SLA-SLS Z 4,7 Cm X 8,7 Cm Y 9,3 Cm Z 1,8 pollici X 3,4 pollici Y 9,3 pollici   tuttavia, le dimensioni possono essere modificate con ogni affettatrice tutti i file sono già in atto per una stampa ottimale   Il modello 3D di Family Guy è stato progettato per ottenere un risultato di stampa pulito, senza considerare il consumo di materiale di stampa. Tuttavia, sei libero di ruotare o ridimensionare, ogni parte del modello nel modo più conveniente per te. Ogni file è stato controllato e riparato con Netfabb Le parti del modello sono già posizionate per la stampa 3D Compatibile con ogni Affettatrice: Simplify3D, Care, Slic3r, ecc ... All the parts of the model have been cut so as to be printed vertically, for a higher quality of printing Family Guy (The Griffins) is an American animated sitcom, created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999 for Fox.   The protagonist family of the cartoon is the irreverent representation of the typical American family. Their stories are out of reality, with continuous flashbacks at various points in the story that explain the behavior of the characters. The storylines of the episodes very often do not follow a logical sense, but are always endowed with a strong humorous-demented vein. The insertion, with the passing of the seasons, of new characters has further delved into this point, succeeding in the intent to make the series gain immense popularity.   The program was suspended in 2002, but has been revived on other networks such as TBS and Adult Swim and on DVD, gaining a consensus so broad as to induce Fox to produce new episodes in 2005. Other media are derived from the series, such as the film The secret story of Stewie Griffin from 2005, video games and a trilogy of Star Wars parody called Laugh Pure, pile of hair !. In 2009 the character Cleveland Brown gave birth to a spin-off: The Cleveland Show.   On 12 February 2019 the series was renewed for an eighteenth season.   The series has won seven Emmy Awards out of 24 nominations.       Recommended settings for printing   each part was cut to be printed vertically, to have a better quality print, so for the upper parts, it is recommended to print with a 4-5 skirt   Quality Layer height: 0.1mm* Initial layer thickness: 0.3mm Bottom/top pattern: lines Horizontal expansion: 0.04mm (when entering 0.04mm index, the 3D printer perceives the model as monolith, i.e. as having no hidden layers). *Layer Height 0.1mm is recommended for a better quality for the printed model. However, the printing time will double.   As a STL file provider, our goal is to ensure that the files are error-free and printable in the most accurate way. This is why we only test print the most difficult segments of the model’s parts.   The model's parts have been tested and printed in PLA. In case you need advice where to get your filaments from, check our partner's website.   Speed setups: Infill speed: 30mm/s Outer shell speed : 30mm/s Inner shell speed: 20mm/s Top/bottom speed: 20mm/s Support speed: 50mm/s Travel speed: 150mm/s Skirt speed: 30mm/s Amount of slower layers: 4 Infill:   Infill pattern: Grid Line distance: 1.5mm Sovrapposizione di riempimento: 20% Strati di riempimento: 0 Supporto:   Abilita supporto: selezionare Posizionamento: ovunque Angolo di sporgenza: 30 ° Distanza X / Y: 0,7 mm Distanza superiore: 0,2 mm Distanza inferiore: 0,2 mm Altezza del gradino della scala: 0,5 mm Distanza di giunzione: 0,7 mm Levigatura dell'area: 0,6 mm Usa torri: controlla Modello: griglia Distanza tra le linee: 1,5 mm
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