Pegasus and Perseus 3D Print

ID: 16897

3D Model Details

  • Texture: Yes
  • Multipart model: Yes
  • File format: stl
  • File size: 3.53 MB
  • Upload date: 05/11/2023
  • Last update: 06/07/2023
The 3D printed Pegasus and Female Perseus are exquisite collectibles that will captivate your imagination. The figurines are beautifully designed with intricate details that showcase the ancient Greek mythological characters. These highly detailed pieces make great additions to any collection, and their vibrant colors make them perfect for display in any room.

This is a digital . file provided to you for download (digital file that customers will download). When downloading, you will receive an archive with a text file for links to the MEGA download disk. Due to the large file size, it cannot be uploaded to the site. If you do not trust the download source, email me and I will upload to any of the sources and give you a link.For each model in the store there is a photo of how it looks in section or as a whole. If you have any other questions, write to me, I will be glad to help you!
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