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This is Scaled R/C SZD-55 NEXUS sailplane wingspan of 3m

Flight Video(Maiden)

Wingspan : 3,000mm
Length : 1,280mm
Weight : 1,500~1,600g(AUW, after painting, 2,200mAh 3S)
Power system : 2814~2820 class 3s~4s 900~1,100KV Shaft driven motor)
Prop : 12*6 folding prop with adaptor

This is a Polish-made standard class sailplane SZD-55 NEXUS aircraft with a wingspan of 3m scaled.

It is based on precise scale and modified to have airfoil and wingspan suitable for R/C scale flight.

Despite being a large aircraft with a wingspan of 3m, its READY TO FLIGHT WEIGHT(AUW) is only 1,600 grams.

The wing with an aerodynamic twist is designed with a gently curved leading edge and a trailing edge with a retreat angle of
0.4 degrees. And, shark-tail shape winglets are applied.

Also, it has extremely low wing loading, stable flight is possible not only in thermal soaring but also on slopes.

The carbon pipe spars that intersect inside the fuselage are designed in such way that they not only stiffen the wing, but also
make it easy to connect and disconnect. Actually, only 1 steel pin makes them to be fixed.

It is effective for quickly gaining altitude or slowing down when landing because it has a large area flaps.

Ailerons and Flaps can be combined into program mixing in your transmitter for more effective roll control.(called flapperon)

By combining a motor of about 500 watts and a 12-inch folding propeller, you can easily gain altitude even in an
environment without slopes or thermals.

A canopy that can be opened and closed easily with a latch system and a large inner space of the fuselage are easy to work with.

Basically, this aircraft is a sailplane, So, it is not suitable for extreme aerobatics or high speed.
You can enjoy a relatively slow but comfortable and elegant flight

Intuitively shaped parts have been tried to make assembly as easy as possible

The manual contains detailed drawings, part numbers, and assembly order and methods.

Individual part may require cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling.

It consist of a large number of parts and require careful and patient crafting skills.

If you have the confidence to take on a challenge, try it for great results.

Flight Video(Maiden)

Contact : rah66@hanmail.net

More than 90% of parts are printed with LW-PLA. Parameters and G-codes for reference are included with the manual in the ZIP file.

Almost all parts are designed for continuous printing.

filament : LW-PLA / PLA
Slicer : CURA
bed size: 200*200*200

Parts you need(Recommended or Actually I used)

Your own R/C system. Min. 6ch
2814 class brushless motor(19*25 mount hole size, shaft driven type - SUNNYSKY 2814 900KV)
12*6 folding propeller with adaptor
50A ESC / 2,200~2,800mAh battery(180~250g)
12g servo 3pcs(CORONA DS-939MG)
9g thin servo 2pcs(CORONA DS-843MG)
7g thin servo 1pcs(GDW DS1906A)
carbon pipe dia. 8mm*1m*2pcs(inner dia. 6mm)
carbon pipe dia. 6mm*1m*4pcs
carbon pipe dia. 3mm*610mm*2pcs / 390mm*1pcs
carbon pipe or rod dia. 2.5mm*600mm*2pcs / 230mm*1pcs / 480mm*1pcs
carbon rod dia. 1.8mm*1m*15pcs, 1.5mm*1m*2pcs
steel wire or PE fishing line dia. 0.3mm*1m*2pcs
ball point pen spring(4mm*20mm)
65~70mm dia. sponge wheel / 30mm dia. wheel
M3(15mm) bolt and nut
other small parts for R/C building.
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